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Welcome to our new website.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to make changes and improvements.

Building Merrill Together Program Series

The Building Merrill Together initiative, co-supported by T.B. Scott Free Library, the Interactivity Foundation (IF), and the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy & Service (WIPPS), aims to stir government, business, and the general public to positively change Merrill through information and discussion, and by creating an open and transparent environment for change.


Upcoming Programs:


AAC Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Action Teams:

Aware and Active Citizens (AAC) Quarterly Meetings

  • The AAC has held quarterly meetings at the T. B. Scott Free Library Community Room in August and November of 2017 with the next two meetings scheduled for February and May of 2018. During these meetings, each organization/agency representative reports on current projects and initiatives with a question and answer Session as part of each presentation. Lunch is provided on a rotating basis by participating organizations and agencies with a chance for Informal networking during lunch. Quarterly Meeting minutes are provided for each participant via email by the WIPPS Outreach Consultant.

The Aware and Active Citizens Action Teams

  • Citizens have chosen to form Action Teams to develop and implement action plans for addressing issues of interest. Each Citizen Action Team reports back to the Aware and Active Citizens group at the Quarterly Meetings.

Young People Action Committee (YPAC)

  • YPAC is dedicated to growing and advancing an active and engaging culture and lifestyle in Merrill, powered by youthful energy and ideas, for the benefit of our entire community. The group aims to promote local cultural events, recreational opportunities, inter-generational relationships, youth issues and concerns, and other topics.

Communication and Technology Action Team

  • This action team is exploring the development of a Community Communication Plan that would involve collaborative partnerships with city government, the Chamber of Commerce, MAPS, the business community, T. B. Scott Library and the Lincoln County Board. In addition, a AAC Technology Workshop designed to improve citizens’ social media skills is being explored with MAPS and T.B. Scott Library.

Entrepreneur and Business Action Team

  • An Inventor & Entrepreneur Club Meeting was held at the Merrill High School library in November 2017 with guest speaker Terry Whipple, Juneau County Economic Development Director. Attendees learned about the advantages of how such an organization encourages and helps sustain entrepreneurial creativity within a community. In addition, the MHS technology lab was toured by those in attendance while technology programs were described by high school faculty.

Transition Lincoln Action Team

  • This action team is at the beginning stages of implementing a Merrill Community Green Skills Share Fair. This two day event will be held at the newly-constructed Merrill Expo Center and will feature workshops, presentations and exhibits focusing on eco-friendly life practices that support a sustainable future for the Merrill community and Lincoln County. In addition, Merrill High School students will use their Flex Time during the school day to develop a workshop for presentation at the Share Fair.

The Merrill Community Campus Action Team

  • The T. B. Scott Library and MAPS is exploring how a Mobile Makers Place could become a reality within the Merrill community. High school students and their teachers would utilize a mini-bus to travel to the middle school and elementary schools to teach students hands-on activities in the mini-bus and in other school campus areas outside of the classroom. Lesson plan focus would be on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).

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